The Eucharist celebration at Santo Bartolomeus church in Taman Galaxi, Bekasi has not been finished for too long. Theodora Karunia Masharini was rushing to the parking lot. She started her motorbike and left the church together with a friend. They drove to Tembok Bolong village, around 1.5 kilometers north of Santo Bartolomeus church. This high-density village is in the area of Pekayon Jaya, South Bekasi.

As soon as they arrived, Runi and her friend parked their motorbike in front of Al-Ikhlas mushalla. Tens of children greeted and kissed their hands. At that religious house, she and 20 other interfaith youngsters provide free lessons for 68 children from playgroup to 6th grade. This free lesson is given every Sunday from 10 AM to 11.30 AM.

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